Beyond Steel Viking’s core capabilities, it offers specific software features enabling manufacturers to use information for inventory and cost control, price setting, and competitive advantage.

Straight to Feature List

What stands out most about the solution is that Fidelis works directly with you to as a single partner from Software Discovery through to Implementation. For a reasonable cost, Fidelis implements the entire solution — software, enhancements, data conversion, training, and “go live”, in line with the blueprint developed in the Software Discovery.

“The deciding factor for us was the ability of the team at Fidelis to respond to our need for a custom solution for our complex business. They have over-delivered by quickly and effectively providing a dynamic solution for our evolving ERP requirements.“
Frank Resso, Director of R&D and Business Development  | IMETCO, Atlanta, GA
Easy Navigation SV Navigator and Grid give a single, powerful, intuitive way to access data. fidelis_STEELVIKING_SS4SV Navigator and Grid
Plant Floor Data Capture and Dashboard Entire plant floor process is bar code enabled, from receipt of material through to finished goods shipping. Management can view the status of plant floor activity at any time via a central dashboard and can schedule production via drag-drop technology. fidelis_STEELVIKING_SSPlan Floor Data Capture and Dashboard
 Materials Requirements Planning SV offers many tools that factor open orders, existing inventory, and current material POs to suggest and simplify ordering of material to meet customer demand.  MaterialRequirementPlanningMaterial and Production Planning Window with Drag/Drop
 Pricing The SV Pricing Formula Applicator provides a state of the art way to update pricing selectively or in batch according to changes in underlying cost factors.  PricingSV Pricing Formula Applicator
 Slitting SV’s heritage includes clients with advanced slitting operations. The software’s drag-drop slitting specifications, simple plant floor capture of slit operations, scrap calculation, and future coil traceability makes slitting a distinctive feature of the software.  SlittingPlant Floor Slitting Window — Uses Central Spec
 Reporting and Business Intelligence Paperless Capability SV information is delivered in a variety of ways, including canned reports and user ad hoc queries.

SV has been modified to support paperless audit trails of ordering, production, shipping, quality and invoicing for ISO certifications.

 BIBI Delivered to Remote Devices
Workflow Automated workflow options are available throughout the software, to manage the hand-off of work within formalized processes. fidelis_STEELVIKING_SS3Automated Document Linkage
 Flex Fields SV flex fields allow the software to be modified rapidly according to a company’s changing needs.