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  • Does your company struggle with its manufacturing software and find way to do business in spite of or around it?
  • Do you seek to automate your plant floor but are hamstrung by your current ERP system?
  • Do you have limited and untimely data to drive business decisions?

If you are evaluating manufacturing software and have not found the right solution, we invite you to consider a unique alternative, Steel Viking software developed by Cleveland, OH based Fidelis Partners.

Steel viking

Steel Viking (SV) is powerful, agile, economical, and intuitive — considered Sensible ERP.


Fidelis not only developed the software, but will implement it while working closely with your organization, including customizations, data conversion, and training. Fidelis’ implementation track record of 100% success and growing list of clients is evidence of the value of this unique approach.

A key to implementation success is the Software Discovery, where Fidelis works on site with your team to merge current and future business processes with software design to formulate a detailed implementation blueprint and quote.

Software Discovery

FIDELIS_fourConducting a Fidelis Software Discovery project in advance of a manufacturing ERP selection and implementation results in a detailed blueprint by which manufacturing software can be evaluated, chosen, and implemented for your company.

We firmly believe that enterprise software should not be pursued without a detailed, documented, and team-supported set of workflows and software requirements from which to drive.  Who would construct a building or road system without a detailed blueprint?  Likewise, ERP implementation is a major undertaking that will impact a company for many years, and a company should be as prepared as possible when pursuing ERP.

An ERP System Discovery conducted by Fidelis will equip a company with:

– Before and after process flows with software touch points
– Line item system requirements to drive software selection or development
– A project plan for software implementation

Fidelis has performed dozens of Software Discovery Projects and can typically complete this work within 4-8 weeks, depending on the size and complexity of your manufacturing organization.


Steel Viking Enterprise Software, developed and implemented by Fidelis, represents a sensible solution to an increasing number of manufacturing companies.  For a typically reasonable cost as compared to the alternatives, Fidelis can implement the entire solution — software, enhancements, data conversion, training, and “go live”, completely in line with the blueprint developed in the Software Discovery.

Learn more about Steel Viking and Client Testimonials.

Steel viking

Plant Floor Integration

FIDELIS_sixManufacturers are increasingly seeing the business value of capturing plant floor data automatically, facilitating timely shop floor management and control and dramatically improving the quality of production data within the organization.

Bar code applications. Fidelis develops integrated bar code applications for clients to scan raw material, WIP, or finished goods information into the clients’ central systems.

Real time data capture. Fidelis and partner firm, Custom Controls Integrated, LLC work together to develop integrated plant floor data capture applications, with communication to PLCs and other controllers, that displays shop floor productivity and product quality metrics on company dashboards.


“I was pleased that our plant floor operators climbed the system learning curve quickly. Some had not ever used computers.  But they embraced the solution and even suggested software improvements.”

David Allred, Production Manager. Allred Metal Stamping, High Point, NC