Painesville, OH based IMAX Industries, Inc. is a complete turnkey operation from concept through engineering and build of specialty equipment. IMAX designs products ranging from simple checking fixtures to complex robotic welding cells. IMAX also offers engineering services such as progressive die design, prototyping, & product development.

IMAX had built a complex piece of equipment to record and measure key electrical current data for a new part produced by one of its major automotive manufacturers. This solution required development of an interactive bar code application to interface with the equipment.


Fidelis developed and implemented an interactive bar code application that addressed the following:

  •  Automatically captured data recorded by the programmable logical controllers on the equipment.
  • Automatically generated bar code labels to be affixed to the part identifying the measurement transaction for future traceability.
  • Made measurement data historically accessible for customer analytics.


“Fidelis helped us at a critical time. The vendor that we had previously engaged for this project clearly fell short of expectations and we were getting pressure from our customer. Fidelis designed and implemented an interactive bar code application that directly met our needs and did so in short order. I would refer these guys to any manufacturer needing custom software development.”
Mike Miller, President and Owner, IMAX Industries, Inc.