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Click on the modules of the Steel Viking Value Chain, meet the good people from Die-Matic, and learn how the Steel Viking solution has made a difference across the entire organization.


Die-Matic Corporation, based in Cleveland, Ohio, is an industry leader in precision metal stamping with expertise in building specialized tools and progressive dies.

In 2004, Die-Matic decided to migrate off its aging manufacturing software and began evaluating enterprise manufacturing software products. It did not find available software with a clear fit to its business processes.

Die-Matic partnered with Fidelis to develop and implement enterprise software that precisely fit its business requirements at an affordable pricing point. The result was Steel Viking software, onto which Die-Matic converted in January of 2005.

Steel Viking has helped Die-Matic recognize major improvements in operational processing, administration, inventory and cost control, and the use of integrated information as a management decision-making tool.