Message from the President

Thank you for taking a moment to visit Fidelis Partners.

I started Fidelis in 2002 because I saw the market need for results oriented IT services for mid to large-sized businesses. Since its founding, Fidelis Partners has strived to address this need and has experienced steady growth as a result. We do this by concentrating on certain principles when serving our clients.

  • Become intimate with a client’s business: An esteemed mentor once taught me that a good IT partner should learn a client’s business nearly as well as the client itself. We insist that our consultants listen intently to and document clients’ system needs, quickly understand applicability to the business, and apply their technical expertise to develop meaningful technology recommendations in short order.
  • Design and develop sensible solutions: Based on the client environment, budget, and nature of needs, we develop recommendations and implement software that brings direct value to a client’s business. This includes working closely with the client to integrate the software with internal processes. This approach contrasts with firms who might focus more on selling high-end software or staffing consultants.
  • Serve as a single partner for end-to-end services: Our versatility allows our clients to turn to us for any aspect of software development and implementation, including project management, analysis, design, programming, training, and system conversion.
  • Practice loyalty and gratitude: When a client entrusts important work to Fidelis when there are clearly alternatives, that is never forgotten.  After we deliver the first major project for our clients, we continually strive to provide timely service and support and in turn have maintained strong, longstanding business relationships with our clients

Whether we are implementing our Steel Viking ERP software, managing a large software or testing initiative, or helping a client formulate a strategic IT vision, we remain true to the above principles.

The net result: Every one of our clients will speak to our contribution — every one.

We look forward to the chance to learn more about your organization’s information needs and determine if we will have the privilege of serving you in some capacity.


Mike Sweet