At Fidelis, we have a deep loyalty to the community in which we were raised and now live, Euclid, Ohio.  Fidelis principals were raised and educated in Euclid, an inner ring eastern suburb of Cleveland along the shores of Lake Erie.

In 2015, Fidelis purchased from Ss Robert and William Church in Euclid a house that neighbors the church.  With the help of Anthony Hiti of HGF Architects and Ralph Fioritto of RF Fab Homes, Fidelis rezoned and renovated the property to serve as its main office.

The result is a modern office space that integrates with the parish and surrounding community, giving Fidelis a base of operations for the foreseeable future.  The immediate proximity to Ss Robert and William Church serves as a continual reminder of the importance of our faith in our daily work.

The Fidelis office redevelopment project is an example of urban renewal and community partnership that Fidelis hopes will in some small way inspire others.

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Before Renovation After Renovation
20150415_161642 After